lundi 17 octobre 2011

concert #11 - 04.11.11

Vrijdag 4 Novembre 2011
@ micromarché/micromarkt, quai à la houille 9, 1000 Brussel

Total Crâne + Roger Robert + Krapoola

A special brigade straight outta Paris, Brest and Barcelona will ruin the Micromarché and your ears and brains for the unbelievable price of zero euro: Total Crâne, Roger Robert and Krapoola will rock the place! Under those cryptic names you will find all your favorite musical heroes such as Oso El Roto and members of Le Club Des Chats and La Ligne Claire. Be there on time because live music has to stop rather early, but we'll party afterwards. 

Total Crâne (F)

Roger Robert (F)

Krapoola (E)

be there on time because music has to stop at 22h00 !

au plaisir de vous y voir

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